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International Conference on Freedom in Computing Development and Culture (updated)

FSF India and IT Mission are organizing the "International Conference on Freedom in Computing Development and Culture" here in Trivandrum , from Dec 9 to 11 [http://fsfs.in]. The speakers include such luminaries as Richard Matthew Stallman (RMS), Jimmy Wales(Founder of Wikipedia) and George Greve(President, FSF-Europe). The talks will be held at Mascot Hotel Trivandrum and it will be restricted to registered participants because of space constraints.

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GLUG receives Freedom Walkers

The GNU/Linux Users Group, Trivandrum gave a very warm welcome to the 'Freedom Walk'-ers in a public function held at Christ Nagar School, Trivandrum. The meeting, inaugurated and chaired by the Honrable IT Secretary Dr. Ajay Kumar IAS, was attended by around 50 members of the community and well wishers.

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Software Freedom Day 2008

SPACE, Free Software Foundation of India and GNU/Linux users group, Thiruvananthapuram are organizing a host of programs to mark the Software Freedom Day on 20 th September 2008 at
Press Club Hall, Thiruvananthapuram.

Programme Schedule

Morning Session (10.00 am ­ 1.00 pm)

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Schedule of Program for GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark, Trivandrum

The schedule of programs for the upcoming GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark Trivandrum is as follows.
Date: 1 Sep, 2008 - 5 Sep, 2008.
Venue: Park Centre, Technopark
Inaugural Ceremony - 1 Sep, 5:00PM
Inauguration - Shri. M. A. Baby, Hon'ble Minister for Education, Government of Kerala..

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GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark, Trivandrum

As a continuation of the two successful install fests conducted this year we are planning to conduct a week-long install fest in Technopark. Trivandrum. The event is scheduled from Sep 1 to Sep 5 and will be conducted at the Park Center, Technopark, Trivandrum.

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GNU/Linux Install Fest at Trivandrum to support Worldwide Mandriva Install Fest

Trivandrum GNU/Linux Users Group is organizing a GNU/Linux Install
Fest on June 14th at Cotton Hill L. P. School between 9AM and 5PM. The
program is being arranged to coincide with the Worldwide Mandriva
Install Fest and to pledge our solidarity with the Mandriva Community.
The program is being organized with the combined efforts from Zyxware Technologies and Space-Kerala

Those who would like to try out and use GNU/Linux can bring their
computers or laptops and volunteers will install a copy of GNU/Linux

Submitted by rajiv.nair on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 03:20.

Open letter to Mammootty - Press release

Press Release

Free Software communities demand Mammootty to withdraw from Microsoft deal

Thiruvanathapuram: Free Software Communities in Kerala released an Open letter to Mammootty today demanding him to withdraw from ambassadorship for Microsofts e-literacy programme. The Open letter asks mamootty to understand the implications and ramifications of his support for Microsoft which seriously undermines his role as a socially committed artist, progressive media leader and sympathizer of leftist politics.

Submitted by rajiv.nair on Wed, 04/23/2008 - 14:59. categories [ ]

Another of M$'s dirty tactics

Microsoft has roped in Mammootty to launch their e-literacy ('illiteracy') program in Kerala as reported by IANS on AOL. This has serious repercussions even though the perception from a non techie view point might differ and dismiss it as a minor issue in the face of inflation and other issues faced by the people of Kerala. This is just like Coke's bid for Mammootty's endorsement. He refused it then , as several environmental groups were calling for the soft drink's boycott.

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An Unofficial report of GNU Linux install fest

The GNU/Linux installfest at Kanakakkunnu on April 12th was a huge success. In spite of our inexperience and other glitches , it went reasonably well, drawing public in large numbers. We ended up having 40 installations, around 50 home install requests and almost 350 install media distribution. This goes on to show how far dedication alone can lead us.

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